Peter Douskalis


Peter is the guitarist and assistant music director of the Greek music ensemble "Synolon" by Pericles Kanaris in New York City. He also performs live american rock and jazz in various groups. For more information about Peter's music career please visit the dedicated website

"The talented musicians delighted the audience with their skillful playing while Douskalis' comments provided insights into the charming and movingly beautiful works of world music." - Eleni Sakellis - The National Herald

“He has chops to spare and at times his ES175 sounds like more than one player…superb straight ahead jazz playing”  

– Ed Benson – Just Jazz Guitar Magazine 


“He follows in the footsteps of Joe Pass and other masters of the solo jazz guitar…he develops momentum in single-string lines but he is most accomplished in bass-line and chord-melody work”

– Clive Cooper – Jazz Journal (UK)

“While he is a melodic player, Douskalis sometimes emulates an orchestra and pulls it off. Melody, harmony, bass lines all interact logically, sometimes making it sound as if more than one guitarist is on the CD.”  

–  Scott Yanow – Los Angeles Jazz Scene


“displays an easy flowing sense of melody...surges live a wave...”

– Jerome Wilson - Cadence Magazine 


“Noteworthy technique, a creative approach, assured touch and glorious tone.”

– Brad Walseth –


“Douskalis is clearly a gifted musician, and his fleet-fingered attack often manages to make his Gibson ES-175 sound like several instruments.”

– Tony Rogers –

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